This body scrub was very moisturizing and fragrant.

"A little goes a long way. It’s hard to find a scrub that’s effective enough and doesn’t warrant the use of a lotion afterwards. The gem definitely gets the job done!"

ATList CEO Alisha King

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It’s Annie for me!

"If you want an awesome body butter that is non-toxic and chemical-free look no further! I purchased the sample pack initially because I wanted to determine what scents I enjoyed best. I use the sample butters on the go in my purse. I love them all but Annie has my heart! I recently purchased two Annie 6oz butters! I can say from the time I purchased the sample butters to now the formula has changed and it’s amazing! Don’t take my word for it, order yours today! "

Erica McCrae

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This product does especially great in dry weather!

"Keeps my hands  and body very hydrated. My favorite product is the Melody Lavender Body Butter."

Alieza  F.

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This body butter is something serious!

" I think it’s safe to say I won’t put lotion on my body anymore. The way my skin feels after I put the body butter on is ridiculously soft and smooth. I feel like my body was wrapped in skin care! And this stuff lasts ALL day!! I’m addicted to it already" 

James Myles

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My skin is sensitive and I have a hard time finding products that I do not have a reaction to due to all of the chemicals and that actually works.

"The weather is changing and my skin becomes drier. I decided to wait to take pics towards the evening so that you can still see the shine and moisture on my skin.Thanks to my sister's for introducing me to Golden Essence, the shine and moisture on my skin lasts all day long and I’m never going back to lotion. "

Tammy Willingham

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