Create & educate on clean beauty products that actually work. Our vision is to get clean, nontoxic,  beauty/wellness products into the hands of everyone.

Our brand philosophy is Simple, Clean, Nontoxic, and Eco-Friendly while being Luxurious. We are committed to making sure that you do not have to sacrifice your body for beauty.


Product by product, we are focused on educating our customers and getting clean beauty products in the hands of the people. We are normalizing natural products that are not full of chemicals, being luxurious, and doing their job. We want people one by one to understand that clean products are a form of self-care. If you take care of the body, it will take care of you. Why? It’s really this simple: “You should not have to sacrifice your body for beauty.”

  • Inspired by our personal journey, Golden Essence is committed to giving you natural products that promote full-body wellness.

  • With an eco-friendly approach, we believe the best thing for a woman's body was created by Mother Nature herself.

  • We believe that all women deserve luxury skincare/body care products that will elevate their skincare experience and leave their skin healthy and glowing.

  • Providing research-based products that are free of toxic and harmful chemicals to ensure your body gets the nutrients it deserves.

  • Provide an experience through our products and excellent customer service for each customer